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Written by President, Tanja M. Sadow   

The GJPA (or the Guild) has come about from its founders' experiences and frustrations with the quality and reputation of designer jewellery in the region. Registered with registry of Societies (ROS# 2007/2008)  the GJPA was constituted to provide the jewellery industry and accessories sectors with much needed support at the “Designer Jewellery” level by ensuring high standards in education, materials, workmanship and service as well as a strong community of experts and aficionados to direct the future of this exciting industry segment.

The specific professional aims of the Society are:

·    Educate members of the trade, professional artisans and amateurs in the importance of superior jewellery fabrication techniques, material quality & business ethics.

·    Promote and reinforce quality and ethical standards for education, fabrication and sale of jewellery.

·    Build a reputation based on its standards to distinguish its Members and their activities.

·    Develop a community for jewellery aficionados and professionals with international interest and accessibility.

·    Foster co-operation and sharing of information and experience among professionals of different approaches and specialities in order to effect an overall improvement of the jewellery industry.

·    Promote and enhance public awareness of the professions of jewellery design and fabrication.

Memberships are currently by invitation only until the society's formal accounting system is set up to properly manage membership dues and operating costs. In the next weeks, membership will be opened to the public; subsequently 10 days after the membership reaches 200, each member will be contacted by e-mail to inform them of internal voluntary positions and roles within the guild, these will include:

·          Officer of the Quality Assurance Committee

·          Officer of the Community Events Management Committee

·          Officer of the Guild Branding and Public Relations Committee

·          Newsletter/Website Article Editor

·          Newsletter/Website Writers/Contributors

·          Webmaster/Guild Forum Moderator

Members will be invited to participate in the guild within these specific roles, as well as to recommend activities or contribute directly to the growth of the Guild.


The Jewellery Design & Management International School will be supporting the guild by providing discounted practice sessions and access to our upcoming resource centre to guild members, working with guild instructors to facilitate both on- and off-site training events, and collaborating with local designers in public exhibitions, road shows or fairs.


If you are interested in membership to the GJPA, please keep an eye out for our first membership drive e-mail in mid September and if you have ideas about activities, events or new roles within the GJPA please e-mail them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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